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 Ideal Movesets

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PostSubject: Ideal Movesets   Tue May 13, 2008 1:09 pm

I thought I'd use my initiative and start a topic (which a few people haven't been doing recently.) You can post ideal movesets for any Pokemon you like and people could use them to help them in the game. Feel free to rate mine and remember to use a variety of types so you can't come unstuck due to resistances. For example, which looks better:
Squirtle movesets
1. Bubble Water
2. Withdraw Water
3. Water Gun Water
4. Hydro Pump Water
1. Bite Dark
2. Skull Bash Normal
3. Hydro Pump Water
4. Any non Water, Normal or Dark HM/ TM
In case you were wondering, it was the second set. That wasn't really a suggested moveset, it was just an example of type variation.
Okay, here is a suggested moveset for Articuno:
1. Gust Flying
2. Mind Reader Normal
3. Reflect Psychic
4. Sheer Cold Ice

1. Endure Normal
2. Agility Psychic
3. Flamethrower Fire
4. Sky Attack Flying

1. Drill Peck Flying
2. Charge Electric
3. Light Screen Psychic
4. Thunder Electric

You will notice that I used two Electric Moves for Zapdos. This is only because Charge charges up Electric type moves and would therefore make Thunder stronger.
Hope you liked it and once again PM me if you have ideas for the PokeUniversity but can't be bothered to do it yourself.
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Ideal Movesets
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