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 Current TCG set (Courtesy of

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PostSubject: Current TCG set (Courtesy of   Fri May 02, 2008 6:13 am

This is the newest set out in the TCG (Trading Card game)
Diamond and Pearl: Great Encounters
Rare Holos
1 Blaziken, 130HP
2 Cresselia, 80HP
3 Darkrai, 70HP
4 Darkrai, 80HP
5 Pachirisu, 70HP
6 Porygon-Z, 110HP
7 Rotom, 70HP
8 Sceptile, 100HP
9 Swampert, 130HP
10 Tangrowth, 110HP
11 Togekiss, 120HP
12 Altaria, 80HP
13 Beedrill, 110HP
14 Butterfree, 120HP
15 Claydol, 80HP
16 Dialga, 90HP
17 Exploud, 130HP
18 Houndoom, 90HP
19 Hypno, 80HP
20 Kingler, 90HP
21 Lapras, 80HP
22 Latias, 80HP
23 Latios, 90HP
24 Mawile, 70HP
25 Milotic, 90HP
26 Palkia, 90HP
27 Primeape, 90HP
28 Slowking, 80HP
29 Unown H, 60HP
30 Wailord, 200HP
31 Weezing, 80HP
32 Wigglytuff, 90HP
33 Arbok, 80HP
34 Cacturne, 80HP
35 Combusken, 80HP
36 Delibird, 70HP
37 Floatzel, 80HP
38 Gorebyss, 80HP
39 Granbull, 90HP
40 Grovyle, 80HP
41 Hariyama, 100HP
42 Huntail, 90HP
43 Linoone, 80HP
44 Loudred, 80HP
45 Magcargo, 90HP
46 Marshtomp, 90HP
47 Metapod, 70HP
48 Pelipper, 80HP
49 Porygon2, 70HP
50 Purugly, 90HP
51 Relicanth, 70HP
52 Seviper, 80HP
53 Skarmory, 70HP
54 Slowbro, 80HP
55 Togetic, 70HP
56 Unown F, 50HP
57 Unown G, 50HP
58 Wailmer, 90HP
59 Zangoose, 70HP
60 Baltoy, 50HP
61 Buizel, 60HP
62 Cacnea, 50HP
63 Caterpie, 40HP
64 Clamperl, 40HP
65 Drowzee, 60HP
66 Ekans, 60HP
67 Feebas, 30HP
68 Glameow, 50HP
69 Houndour, 50HP
70 Igglybuff, 50HP
71 Illumise, 70HP
72 Jigglypuff, 60HP
73 Kakuna, 80HP
74 Koffing, 60HP
75 Krabby, 60HP
76 Lunatone, 60HP
77 Luvdisc, 60HP
78 Makuhita, 60HP
79 Mankey, 50HP
80 Mudkip, 60HP
81 Porygon, 50HP
82 Slowpoke, 60HP
83 Slugma, 60HP
84 Snubbull, 60HP
85 Solrock, 70HP
86 Swablu, 40HP
87 Tangela, 70HP
88 Togepi, 50HP
89 Torchic, 50HP
90 Treecko, 50HP
91 Unown L, 50HP
92 Volbeat, 70HP
93 Weedle, 50HP
94 Whismur, 50HP
95 Wingull, 50HP
96 Zigzagoon, 50HP
Uncommon Trainer
97 Amulet Coin
98 Felicity's Drawing
99 Leftovers
100 Moonlight Stadium
101 Premier Ball
102 Rare Candy
Rare Holo level X
103 Cresselia, 100HP
104 Darkrai, 100HP
105 Dialga, 110HP
106 Palkia, 120HP
I copied it off Marilland. All credit for this should go to Marriland, and let me make it clear that I am not attempting to infringe copyright and I am purely using it on this website for this TCG topic and I am in no way using it commercially. Thank you.
Post here if you play the TCG or collect the cards and want to chat about them. I have not bought a Booster Pack for ages but I have a lot of good cards, including:
Japanese Scizor
Japanese Trainer
Ancient Mew
Articuno ex Promo
Moltres ex Promo
Zapdos ex Promo
Zapdos ex non-Promo
Typhlosion ex
Meganium ex
Vileplume ex
Medicham ex
Flygon ex WC
Absol ex WC
Vaporeon ex WC
Jolteon ex WC
Dark Celebi
Salemence DS rev holo
Crobat DS rev holo
Espeon DS rev holo
Fearow DS rev holo
Machamp 1st Edition
Mewtwo Base Set
Lugia Neo
Feraligatr Neo
2 different Deoxys Holon Phantoms
And many more shinies, rev holos, 1st editions and non-shinies.
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Current TCG set (Courtesy of
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